Talk to me!

Have an idea but not sure how to make it happen? I bet I can help!

Prototyping, design, efficiency, networking( the human kind); I’ve got a knack for these things.

Experience in manufacturing, welding, visual arts, culinary arts, crafts, service industries, dance,  travel and adventure, safety and rescue; my bag is well mixed. 

The boy calls me an “Everything Consultant.” I know he’s picking on me, but it sort of  fits. I prefer the term polymath, collector of rarefied skills, or pursuant of shiny squirrels.


If you’re looking for that assist, or if you’re interested in something I’ve made and shown on the site, let me know!


All communication paths lead to my phone. But please give me a day or two of response time… sometimes I get lost in the woods. Actually, Literally, I’m chasing squirrels… or chasing dogs chasing squirrels… or I’m rafting. Let’s go rafting! I’m hitting the 10 seasons guiding mark in 2018, that means, I’m probably halfway decent now. You should request me!

I look forward to talking with you!