Look, I learned to hashtag! I think?

Chocolate is a vegetable. It comes from a bean, therefore, vegetable. Yeah, that’s my logic.

Quality Control Time!


Regardless of what you think of my logic, if you enjoy chocolate, you will love the recipes I’ve created!

Rich Dark Fudge sauces flavored with adult beverages.  Yup, it’s made with booze… and love! It’s not enough to get schnokered but it may inspire a cocktail pairing.


Made in tiny batches, by yours truly, I hand grind my spices, seriously, that’s my mortar and pestle in the photo!

Ancient flavors should be done by ancient methods…

And I personally pack the er… fudge…. um… I may need to rethink my wording… 

Each batch is made with high quality ingredients and my inner fat kid personally conducts quality control on every batch…. she’s trying to escape.

Try some on ice cream (obviously) or mix a spoon full into coffee or hot milk to warm up!

So far we’ve come up with these delights:

Bourbonilla- Spiked with Kentucky Bourbon and tiny batch Vanilla extract

Schnappermint- Spiked with Peppermint schnapps, of course!

Grand Mayan- Maya inspired blend of sweet and heat spices spiked with Orange Liqueur

Mockahlua- Dark roast coffee and spiked with Kahlua’

Port Bluet- Whole blueberries blended into the base and spiked with Port wine

Sold in easy to heat, zippered foil pouches. Just set a pouch in a bowl of hot water and knead pouch once or twice to make sure it’s warm throughout.
Only dummies microwave foil. Besides, I don’t have a microwave so I honestly don’t know how it’ll go.

Each hand filled pouch contains a minimum of 2.5 ounces by weight, most have more!

Sauces are made by a nut, so obviously, allergens were nearby. (Does that make me a cannibal?

Seriously though, peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, soy, gluten, and dairy are all present in my kitchen. I do my best to keep them far from the fudge.

Soy lecithin is an ingredient in the Ghirardelli chocolate chips currently used in the production of this fudge.

#chocolateisavegetabledammit Hot fudges are vegan and gluten free.

We (my inner fat kid and I) will continue to add flavors to the list.

And soon it will all be made with fair trade and/or locally sourced ingredients!

Stay tuned for Cleveland area craft beverages to be featured!

If you have a tasty adult beverage you think goes well with chocolate, let’s barter! Send me some of your beverage and I’ll send some fudge made with it in return! Obviously if we decide to sell that flavor, Your product name will be featured on the labels!

Just email me! Kelli@arendtlimited.com