Why are we here?

I am a decisive person.

No, really!

Most people, my partner,  especially,  would disagree. But that’s because there is a lack of understanding surrounding how I make choices.  My problem isn’t in knowing what I want, but in limiting myself to what I want most.

Most folks, if you ask them what they do, will tell you what their job is, how they make money. But for how many of these people is it actually who they are?

Don’t get me wrong, what we do influences who we are and vice versa, but do our professional occupations actually define us as people?

I doubt it, and as for myself, I categorically deny it.  I am not a machinist. I currently run machines for money, and I certainly appreciate having a decent job with the flexibility to leave in order to work my other job, but that isn’t who I am. I also take tourists down class V whitewater, and I absolutely love it; But is raft guide who I am? No, it’s what I do… If money weren’t a thing, I would just boat for fun all the time!

Our society pushes us so hard to define ourselves by our occupations. It convinces us that without a job. If we aren’t a boss or being bossed, we’re worthless. We sneer at those who are unemployed. We don’t take the time to consider that being unemployed is likely not by choice. We forget that they are people. Our society has come to a point where we’re too selfish to help each other out. too selfish to realize that unemployment payments come from INSURANCE that we all pay into when we’re working, as is social security.

Instead of caring about people because they are people, we define people by their occupations or lack thereof and how they are useful. We label each other without taking the time to learn about who each person is, rather than recognizing people as worthy of that time and effort because it’s easier if we dehumanize those we don’t know, objectify strangers and keep them at a distance so that we can go on not caring about others because empathy is inconvenient.

Who am I? I am Kelli. I am unique. I am an artist without limits.  I glory in the juxtaposition of art forms and will not be constrained to a single medium, style, or form.  I refuse to fit in a box.

The saying goes, ” They broke the mold when they made him/her.”

Yeah, well, there was no mold for me. I’m self-sculpted and “I’m not finished yet.

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